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Mamanimals Cuddly Toy Set Mom Cow and Baby

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Developed and patented in Switzerland

Product description

Cow mother with a little baby

Cuddly toys to love, learn, play & cuddle
The Mamanimals plush animals are unique! For each mother there are cute baby animals that can be stowed in the mommy's tummy. Thanks to the magnets on the baby animals can drink from the teats of mom. The Mamanimals are not only super cute, but you also have an educational background. The animals are approved from 0+ and of course CE certified.

  • Mamanimals stuffed animals to love, learn, play and cuddle
  • The baby animals can easily be docked to mommy's teats with the magnetic snout
  • The baby animals can be stored in the mommy's tummy thanks to the zipper
  • All Mamanimals are made of the best materials and are CE certified
  • Sizes: Mom around 35 cm and baby around 10 cm
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Suitable for children aged 0 and over


Width: 35 cm

Depth: 17 cm

Height: 25 cm

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery: Mother and one baby


Material: Satin, Velboa, Velour

Special features

CE certified, for the safety of your child!
Suitable for children from 0 years
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Mamanimals Cuddly Toy Set Mom Cow and Baby

€37,95 EUR

Unique cuddly toys

Mamanimals - play with love

The adorable Mamanimals combine cuteness, cuddly fur and educational added value for your child in a lovingly designed cuddly toy! Thanks to a zipper, the babies can be stored safely in their mummy's tummy. To play, the babies can simply be attached to their mother's teats with their magnetic snout.

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